nineteenth hour—KRAB JENGA KLUB (Tournament)
Darío Dezfuli

Sleep, sleep, beautiful sleep.

Dreams of eternal life were proposed. Stabilised myofibrillar proteins obtained from mechanically deboned fish flesh, washed with water and blended with cryoprotectants.

There is a hope that the frozen might yet come back to life again and the snow of the now that seeds a sleep might yet be preservative, s uspending animation until a warmer climate comes: “If tuna is ‘chicken of the sea’ then Krab might be the ‘hotdog of the freezer’.”

(Enter Krab, Surimi, or imitation crab meat.)

I was complaining to the bartender about the air conditioning, It was too high and we were all going to catch cold. —‘No matter,’ he assured me. ‘You won’t feel it when you are asleep. Sleep, sleep, beautiful sleep.’

This broadcast is done in combination with: ‘INFINITE REGRESS’ for SPEELPLAATS