fifteenth hour—NSOL live streaming
Nicha Keeratiphanthawong

1. Sitting quietly in my bedroom in the middle of the night, I listened to the gurgling sound of liquid flows through the radiator pipe. Just me and the dripping sound, as if we were having a peaceful conversation. Aqua speaks, I listen. The perfect reaction between relaxing sound of running water and my mental state, a soothing melody for meditation before a good night sleep.

2. Toilet’s fluids leaked out from the drain pipe, overflowing WT’s basement. The problem was half-solved, there was a sign putting on toilet’s door for a temporary notice. It said “No Solids, Only Liquids (pxxps upstairs)”

3. April is the time for Thais to celebrate the traditional New Year, known as Songkran water festival. The word derived from Sanskrit meaning “shift” or “movement”. Gently sprinkled water at one another is a part of the cleansing ritual to wash away any bad lucks and show of blessings and good wishes to welcome the New Year. From a long time traditions transformed to the Partying-Dancing-Splashing rituals happened three days in a row every year during the hottest month in South East Asia. Most people took this holiday traveling back to their hometown. By that, my sound piece is a tribute to my hometown nostalgia during the beginning of spring time here.