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Tabea Nixdorff

"Every sound we make is a bit of autobiography" wrote Anne Carson in her essay "The Gender of Sound". In my tracing back female pioneers of electronic music, a deep alliance of body and language discloses itself. When impulses travel from our very insides to the outside world, a sonic transmission resonates most obviously in raw, emotional sound. But each word in our vocabulary tracks just as much back to our bodily resonance chamber the moment it is uttered. By means of reproduction, a dissociation of language from, and of, the body culminates: there seems to be pure meaning in a written text, and pure sound in electronic music. Listening to the impurities in both, they reveal themselves as entangled sources: words as sound, sound as words.

Before the broadcast the sonic meditation "Teach yourself to fly" by Pauline Oliveros was recorded in the Meeting Room of WT.